Additional Information

You might get a little nervous already, a new school, new classmates, maybe even a new room! But don’t worry, we are here to help! To reduce the stress a little you will find some information here that might be helpful when packing for the InterSib, orientating in Breda and making sure you will have a great start of the experience we call; college.


The InterSib consists of three fun days, we will start at NHTV location Sibeliuslaan on Tuesday morning. This is where you will need to say “goodbye parents! I am off to my awesome introduction now!” of course there will be a kiss and ride parking spot for those of you that will be dropped by car.

When it comes to packing there are some important things to keep in mind;

– You are allowed to bring one weekend-bag (no suitcases) labeled with your name and telephone number
– You will need to bring your own sleeping equipment in one big bag (can be a thick bin bag) labeled with your name and telephone number, which includes:
– Thick air bed + cover
– A sleeping bag and a pillow (although heating is available in the tents, keep in mind that it can be cold!)
– There is a swimming pool at the premises we will be staying at so a bathing-suit might be nice! Bring a towel as well ūüėČ
РYou will have to bring your business attire in a separate bag with your name on it! We will store your business attire in a safe place during the InterSib, so no worries about wrinkles. (Below you will find more information on what business attire includes)

On Tuesday and Wednesday night we will sleep at a -still secret- location near Breda. On Thursday we will return to NHTV location Sibeliuslaan, here we will close off the InterSib with a drink where we would like to invite your parents as from 16:00 o clock! Now we can hear you think; my parents .. really? Yes really! It is a great opportunity to show them the school if they have not seen it yet, introduce them to you classmates and talk about the nice introduction you just had.


Business Attire 

Business attire .. sounds fancy hmm. Yes it is! Wearing business attire means dressing up as business-men/women. What does NHTV expect from you when we say business attire? The following:

– A suit (preferably black!)
– An ironed blouse
– A tie
– Neat and suitable shoes
– No visible tattoos/piercings/Large jewelry
– Proper haircut
– Properly shaved

РTrousers or skirt (skirt should be just above the knee!)
– A decent blouse
– A jacket/blazer that matches the bottom (Preferably all black!)
РBlack tights
– Flat neat black shoes / heels with an appropriate height (think stewardess-like)
– No visible tattoos/piercings
– Small jewelry is allowed (earrings cannot be larger than the size of a ‚ā¨1 coin, one ring per hand is allowed)
– Hair should be up-done

Well, seems clear right? It is not that difficult really! If this is still not entirely clear or you doubt your business attire outfit, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. Remember; we are here to help!

About Breda student life

Bikes in Breda

Breda is not that big of a city but having a bike is very convenient! Even when you travel by train it might be handy to park a bicycle at the train station of Breda and cycle to school. Keep in mind that Breda might seem decent but with such a decent city comes a decent lock! An extra lock on your bike is recommended for extra safety. Always make sure you lock it properly when parking in the city centre. Also mind areas where you are not allowed to park your bike! (E.g.; at the train station, always place it within the racks or you will have to call the government and pay a fee to get it back).

Buying a bike in Breda is easy, there is a Facebook Page called “Bikes in Breda” where a lot of bikes are sold, there certainly is one that fits you and your budget!

Going out in Breda

For us students there is something going on in Breda every day of the week. Nice places to go to as a student are; Cafe Dunne, Cafe Walkabout, Peddels, Dependance, and Cafe Janssen. These are just some of the nice places the city has to offer for a nice drink or dancing!

Also Breda has some nice places to eat that meet our student budget! Some places we like to go to are; Suyckerkist, Dependance, Bruxelles, De Markt, Walkabout eetcafe, and Il Padrino. Again just a small selection of restaurants/cafes for a bite! You will find out soon enough whatever suits you best! ūüôā

Student associations 

Even though Breda is not an “official student city” there are several student associations, fraternities and sororities. Attached to Hotel Management is Xenia. Attached to Facility Management is¬†t KAG.¬†You will meet both at the InterSib! If you are interested in joining one, feel free to ask them questions and party with them during the InterSib.

A student association can spice up your student-life a bit, make things easier for you as you will get in contact with people from different years and ages. If you are not at all interested in student associations, fraternities or sororities, do not worry. Breda has something to offer for all of us and we are sure you are going to love it here!!

Well.. this might give you an idea about what is waiting for you in Breda!
If you have questions about anything, please send an e-mail! Remember; we are here to help you!